Quick Decline Ultimate Terms Of Service

I, Casey Broome, or L337Tech.com are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your computer or server or anything else it affects. We are not responsible for any loss or gain of revenue that may occur from using this app. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk. The purchase of this app is a one-time purchase, and you are purchasing the current version of the app only. The purchase does not include any future updates or newer versions of the app. This purchase does not include product support or product fixes. L337Tech.com does provide a forum for casual discussion of issues. You are buying this app as is. This product and website is not affiliated with the Texas Government, Texas Rail Road Commission, PayPal, Landmark, or PHDwin. We do not claim that this app alone can properly predict royalty payments or well project economics. The activation process locks down the program to a specific computer. It is okay if a buyer/user wants to use this program on several computers within a single house hold or business area. To do this you will need to activate the program to each computer individually. However, it is at the sole discretion of L337Tech.com to determine if the activations are being abused. If so, L337Tech.com will remotely shut down the abusive userís account preventing further activations. This program requires a computer with Office 2007 or later (specifically excel and access), an active working internet connection that is able to connect to L337Tech.com, and at least 2GB or RAM. We are not responsible for the program not working properly within restricted internet environments.