Two Used HD4870 512MB Crossfire Ready Graphics Cards For Sale!

Still Available

I built a new rig to ready myself for Battlefield 3 on October 25th. I am selling off my parts that made up my old rig. Here you have two HD4870 512MB version video cards that I was using in crossfire. The two crossfire cables will come with the purchase of these cards as seen in the photos. One of the cards is made by ATI and the other by Saphire. They run great and never game me problems. I was running them stock (no overclock). I have had them in my rig since last Christmas. I am asking $160 for the packaged deal (Two HD4870 512MB GPUs, and two crossfire cables….as seen in the pictures).

If you want to purchase them simply email me at comments&#64l337tech&#46com and I will send you a paypal invoice. Shipping will be calculated based on where you live using standard ups ground rates from ups’s website.

To buy:
email comments&#64l337tech&#46com

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