EZ Paypal IPN Tool – a Java Desktop App

EZ Paypal IPN Tool is a robust Paypal product management system. This tool helps add products to your site as well as manage existing products (or deleting old products). The tool helps simplify an otherwise difficult process of adding ipn listeners and managers to monitor the purchasing and downloading of digital products on your site. This software can also help your site manage physical products as well.

The tool also takes care of the digital product downloading process. It handles users and passwords with modern encryption. The custom scripts provided takes care of everything. They listen for product purchases. Send email to buyer with username and password for download. Verify the user has purchased the product and allows them to download product. All of the scripts work behind the scenes. You will only be using the EZ Paypal IPN Tool to handle adding and managing the products. It is very EASY!.

EZ Paypal IPN Tool also integrates a robust debugging mechanism. The tool sends emails to you with fine details for every IPN transaction or attempt.

This program was created out of necessity to handle all of the purchasing and downloading of digital products and purchasing of physical products on L337Tech.com. This site uses the EZ Paypal IPN Tool exclusively for its product management system. When you buy this product, you will be using the EZ Paypal IPN Tool system including the email notification and the downloading of the product.

Instruction Manual

Detailed instructional video coming soon…

-Java 1.6 or higher
-PHP on your website’s server
-ability to ftp to your website’s folder system
-a free account with reCAPTCHA
-an internet connection

Currently this software does not support multiple item purchases or cart purchases. This software is for use with single product purchases.

By clicking the buy now button below, you are greeing to the terms of service below
Price = $9.99

After you have completed the purchase process and PayPal has verified your payment, you will be provided an email with download instruction. Keep this email forever as it contains your permanent username and password for this product. Typical process times range from 1-30minutes. If you do not receive and email after 30 minutes please check your spam folder.

Terms of Service and Disclaimers:

I, Casey Broome, or L337tech.com are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your computer or server or anything else it affects. We are not responsible for any loss or gain of revenue that may occur from using this app. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk. The purchase of this app is a one time purchase, and you are purchasing the current version of the app only. The purchase does not include any future updates or newer versions of the app or scripts. You are buying this app as is. This product and website is not affiliated with PayPal.com.

Click on images below for large clear veiw

Add new product page

View, edit, or delete exsisting products

Enter your site’s mysql database credentials

Customize the download pages to match your site

Typical email a buyer is provided after a verified purchase

Download login page to get to the product download page

Product download page

Tap To The Beat!

Tap To The Beat! is a dead simple app. Simply tap in the “tap area” to a heartbeat, or music, or choreography and the app will display the bpm (beats per minute). You can then save and name the save so you view previous bpm calculations. The app also saves the min and max beats during the session. There is also an option to change the number of samples taken before the bpm is calculated. This typically helps with proper bpm calculation since human taps are usually different no matter how hard we try to tap the the beat.

Typical uses:
– determine your own heart beat by taping to your pulse
– determine other peoples heart beat (like your children or baby)
– use with a fetal doppler to determine the heartbeat of your developing baby
– use this at a club or concert to help you determine the artists bpm (helpful for dj’s and artists
– use while watching choreography to help determine the dances bpm (useful for cheerleaders and dancers)

There is a free ad based version and a paid version that has the ads removed. Enjoy Tap To The Beat!

Terms of Service and Disclaimers:
I, Casey Broome, or L337tech.com are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your phone or anything your phone is or may effect. This is not a medical app or anything that will provide real medical data. This app should not be used as a medical app. This app has not determined by the FDA to glean any medical data. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk.

Casey Broome

Welcome, Click on the Video Below for a Quick Introduction


Now that you have watched our introduction video, you should be familiar with why we started this site and the direction we want to take. So now lets talk about some of the features you will find on this site. Here is a brief list:



  • Tab oriented website. Tabs at the top of the page will get you to where you need to go.
  • In site search function in the top right corner. This searches only our site.
  • Custom Google search below the in site search. This queries only the major hardware review and overclocking websites like Tom’s Hardware, Anandtech, Xtremesystems etc….
  • Videos for Reviews, How TOs, Tweaks, Tips, and Mods. This website is full of videos that are easy to watch and follow along step by step.
  • Forums. Our forums should be the first place you look for advice or if you want to buy or sell something in the classifieds section.
  • Custom L337Tech products for sale. At L337Tech we develop custom hardware so take a look at our Products tab.
  • Custom Flash Games. One of our partners, Raygun Gothic, develops flash games. Visit their site if you have an idea for a game you would like to see  built.

    Thanks for stopping by L337Tech and remember to post in the forums, make some comments, or send us emails so we can develop this site together.

    Stay Lit Flashlight

    Unlike other flashlight apps in the product catalog, Stay Lit Flashlight will always stay lit! You no longer need to worry about your phone dimming then going to sleep. See below for a list of features:


  • Keeps the flashlight lit for as long as you need it (no more screen dimming or phone sleeping)
  • Quick access to brightness adjustments
  • Option to change color on screen tap
  • Change the default color of the flashlight
  • Option to turn on the strobe light
  • Adjust the strobe light interval for faster or slower flickers
  • Option to turn on an SOS distress signal (flashes SOS)
  • The main purpose of this app is to give the user light when he needs it for as long as he needs it. Other flashlight apps in the product catalog will dim then turn off if you dont constanly keep touching your screen to keep it awake. Stay Lit Flashlight always stays lit!

    Stay Lit Flashlight also offers a quick and easy way to adjust the brightness of the flashlight. Some nights are pitch black and your need extra brightness. Other nights you may be running a stealth mission so you might want to use less brightness.

    This app gives you the ability to choose the color of your flashlight from a list of colors. Red light would be great for the covert mission mentioned above. You can also enable an option to change the color of the light when you touch the screen to entertain your kids.

    If you want to have some fun, crank the brightness up and turn on the strobe light. In a fog filled you with a fast flickering strobe you can have all kinds of fun. Adjust the flicker of the strobe in the preferences page for the perfect flicker.

    If you find yourself stranded somewhere with no cellphone coverage, use the SOS distress signal. This mode flashes light in the propper pattern that denotes SOS or Help.

    Thank you for your interest in Stay Lit Flashlight. If you liked this app, think about making a donation to help encourage future development.

    I, Casey Broome, or L337tech.com are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your phone or anything your phone is or may effect. Do not use this app if you have any medical conditions that are affected by light, especially flashing light. Do not use the SOS signal when you are not in danger, especially offshore where people routinely look for such signals. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk.


    ####### Help Section #############

    Q) I turned on the strobe effect and now i can’t turn on the SOS effect. What should I do?

    A) You can only use one effect at a time. Simply turn off the strobe effect then turn on the SOS effect. The same goes for the tap to change color effect.