GPS Trip Panel

GPS Trip Panel is a robust GPS application used to keep the user informed of important trip data. This app is especially useful for road travel. This app utilizes your phones GPS and Google Services. See below for a list of features or watch the youtube video explaining each feature in detail:


  • GPS update interval adjustments to smooth out GPS data
  • Display speed in large font
  • Displays heading
  • Displays altitude
  • Trip scene to record important trip informations
  • Tracks overall, average, and moving trip time
  • Tracks overall, average, and moving trip speed
  • Keeps track of the maximum speed acheived
  • Enable a permanent popup so you can manipulate maps while still receiving speed and heading information
  • Trip scene displays time and date
  • GPS speed cutoff to eliminate erroneous low speeds caused by low satellite reception
  • displays your coordinates
  • tap coordinates to have them mapped on Google Maps, which can convert the coordinates to an adress
  • push button to copy your coordinates to be pasted elsewhere
  • Dashboard popup to keep the user informed of the altitude and accuracy even while in other programs
  • Option to keep turn your phones sleep timer off
  • GPS message center keeps the user notified of the GPS’s status
  • English and metric units available in preferences
  • Built in GPS error handling. Notifies the user of errors
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    The main purpose of this app is to keep the user up to date with the latest trip information. Speed, heading, altitude, and various important trip information are made easily visible. Even if you are in another application, GPS Trip Panel will display a dashboard popup notifying the user of the current speed and heading. You can also make this popup “stick” so that you can manipulate maps and still be informed of the speed and heading.

    This app has other neat features aimed at delivering a superior GPS experience compared to the competition. You can adjust the GPS update interval and GPS speed cutoff to help smooth out and deliver more accurate GPS data. With these features you can still expect good GPS data even in low satellite reception areas.

    This app also delivers other great features such as displaying your coordinates. If you don’t think in coordinates, that is fine, simply tap the coordinates to push them to Google Maps. Google Maps loves coordinates and can even translate them into an address. These coordinates can also be copied by clicking the “Copy Coordinates” button. Once copied you can paste them anywhere. Memos is a great place to paste the coordinates for records keeping.

    Another neat utility built into this app is the GPS message center. It uses a few custom algorithms to help keep the user notified of what the GPS is doing and its status. This can be very helpful to the user during times of low sky visibility where the gps might take a while locating or locking onto satellites. If you are using another GPS app that doesn’t keep you informed of your GPS status, simply open up GPS Altitude next to the first app and it will keep you informed.

    The app also comes with a built in error handling feature. If there is a major GPS error you will receive a popup of the error. Typically the user will be able to resolve the error with the information from the popup. If not, see below for a list of Q/A.

    Thank you for your interest in GPS Altitude. If you liked this app, think about making a donation to help encourage future development.

    I, Casey Broome, or are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your phone or anything your phone is or may effect. This app should never be used as a sole navigation tool. This app should never be used as the sole navigation tool for flight, boating, driving, moving by foot, or any other transportation method where exact location is important. Mobile GPS’s can be wildly inaccurate. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk.

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    ####### Help Section #############

    Q) I can’t seem to get past the “Searching for Satellites” message. What can I do?

    A) There are a few things you can try so I will list them below:

  • Make sure at least 40% of the sky is directly viewable by the phone. Any obstructions, including a window may interfere.
  • Start up the app when you are not moving. From my testing, the searching for satellites stage typically takes longer if you are moving around a lot.
  • Q) I seem to be stuck at the “starting gps” message. What can I do?

    A) If this is happening to you, your gps has wigged out. Your need to enter/exit airplane mode or perform a hard reboot.

    Q) Sometimes when I open up the trip panel scene the application does’t display any numbers. What is wrong?

    A) This is a known bug cause by switching between the main screen, the preferences screen, and the trip panel real quickly. It doesnt always happen, its very random. This has to do with how WebOS handles opening and closing GPS tracking services. Hopefully future versions of WebOS will fix this issue. The fix is to either switch back and forth between trip panel and the main screen or to minimize the trip panel and open up the GPS dashboard/popup. Then, you will see that your trip panel began populating values again. Another fix is to open and close the app.

    Q) How do i get to the Trip Panel?

    A) Simply click the button with the arrow “<--" on it at the main screen. Alternatively you can select it from the menu in the top left corner of the main screen. Q) How do i exit the Trip Panel? A) The back gesture in the gesture area will take you back to the main screen. Q) Will this app work on the pixie? A) Yes and no. The main screen and preferences page work fine, but only part of the trip panel is visible. You wont be able to see the odometer/max speed/stopped time on the trip panel. Q) Why does the 2 second GPS update interval sometimes fail to work properly? A) This is a weird problem that I have yet to be able to solve. I will continue to work on this and keep the users informed if it gets fixed. One thing you can do that will occasionally fix this problem is press the reset trip button in the trip panel scene. I recommend using the 3 seconds update interval.

    L337Tech Preconfigured NAS System Price Reduced!!!

    We have decided to reduce the price of our L337Tech Preconfigured NAS System from $499 to $399, shipping not included. This price reduction was initiated by the increased competition in the NAS market. There are a lot of great NAS systems out there but we want ours to have the best price/performance.

    For $399 + shipping you are getting a great deal! here is a summary of the features:
    1. Windows file sharing
    2. OS X file sharing
    3. Linux file sharing
    4. PS3 file sharing
    5. Time Machine backups
    6. 1TB of storage space
    7. 50MB/s+ transfer speeds
    8. Desktop computer running Ubuntu 8.10


    New iPhone (3rd Generation) with iPhone OS 3.0 Available in June!

    From all the different quality sources I have gathered intel from it is almost certain there will be a new iPhone that will come with a new iPhone operating system called iPhone OS 3.0 in June. The new iPhone is reported to have a faster processor boasting speeds of ~600Mhz. This is a good ~200Mhz faster than the latest iteration of the iPhone. The new iphone + iphone OS 3.0 is said to perform background tasks and have up to three applications running at once. Also, there are many who think the new Apple+Adobe version of flash will debut in June on this system. Expect double the ram (256MB) and for the top end model double the storage (32GB). People do not think that “copy and paste” will be included but are optimistic about landscape keyboard. They are previewing the new iPhone OS 3.0 on March 17th.

    We here at L337Tech have iPhones and appreciate having a small computer in our pockets. However, we do have to jailbreak our phones to be able to data tether (connect to internet through phone) and record video. So when i caught wind of the new phone + OS i was happy/unhappy. Happy because we finally get multitasking and faster opening closing and running of programs. Unhappy because i know i will have to buy this thing for uber amounts of money and then wait for the jailbreak so i can get back my beloved Cydia programs.

    Either way its nice to see continued competition for the Smart Phone market. It will only makes things better in the long run. A war between the Pre, iPhone, G1 and others will lead to lower prices and better hardware. But in all honesty i am really just waiting on all the new android phones coming out mid this year (Android Cupcake available April).

    UPDATE: The new iPhone (3rd Generation) will be announced at Apple’s WWDC which takes place June 8-12th. The actual phone will go on sale June 17th. I hate how they always show you their new products then make you wait a month before you can buy it. I guess its never too early to setup a tent in front of your local AT&T store. Also its worth mentioning that iPhone OS 3.0 will be formally introduced at the WWDC and will most likely not be available for download till June 17th.


    source for iPhone OS 3.0 preview date = Engadget

    How To Build a Computer From Newegg Parts

    This is an in depth tutorial on how to build a computer from parts purchased online at large stores similar to NewEgg. This video should get you all the way to the point where you are able to install the operating system without any hardware errors. The computer in this build is actually being used as our in house gamming rig. All of our game reviews are performed on this machine. It is composed of an Intel Core 2 Duo at 3Ghz and an Nvidia 8800GT graphics card.