L337Tech Preconfigured NAS System Price Reduced!!!

We have decided to reduce the price of our L337Tech Preconfigured NAS System from $499 to $399, shipping not included. This price reduction was initiated by the increased competition in the NAS market. There are a lot of great NAS systems out there but we want ours to have the best price/performance.

For $399 + shipping you are getting a great deal! here is a summary of the features:
1. Windows file sharing
2. OS X file sharing
3. Linux file sharing
4. PS3 file sharing
5. Time Machine backups
6. 1TB of storage space
7. 50MB/s+ transfer speeds
8. Desktop computer running Ubuntu 8.10


8 Responses to “L337Tech Preconfigured NAS System Price Reduced!!!”

  1. Tommy Says:

    Does your system now come with Ubuntu 9.04? Is Ubuntu the only OS you will install? Would you consider requests for others, like Linux Mint, for example?

    Also, how much RAM are you including in the system? 2 GB is the max, correct?

    Are you including the Wi-Fi card?

  2. KC - L337Tech Says:

    It comes with Ubuntu 9.04. I will always update to the most recent version of Ubuntu. I cannot offer any other OS because i have not tested compatibility with the hardware on anything but XP and Ubuntu. There is really no reason not to want Ubuntu unless you want a liter OS in which case i can install Xbuntu.

    The system maxes out at 2GB of ram which is what i offer.

    I do not include the wi-fi card. They should work fine with ubuntu but my price does not include the wi-fi card. Plus you do not want to run a high performance NAS like this on wi-fi. Gigabit ethernet is WAY faster.


  3. freefrank Says:

    where can i buy it?
    i wanna buy 1. but im in Canada.

  4. KC - L337Tech Says:

    do you want to build your own like the one i made or do you want me to build it? Do you have any experience with Ubuntu?

    The prepackaged options have gotten so good these days that is hard for me to compete. I would recomend you either build it yourself to save the $100 premium i tack on for building and seting up software. Or buy a prepackaged option from Promise, Qnap, Thecus, HP, Synology, or Netgear ReadyNas series. Just review the NAS charts on smallnetbuilders.com

    I plan on releasing some tutorial videos in the near future on how to setup your own Ubuntu based NAS. The tutorials will go over SMB sharing, Time Machine setup, DLNA sharing, and file serving on web.


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