Palm Pre Touchstone Car Mount with Motorola T605 Bluetooth Adapter

I always wanted to utilize my Palm Pre’s bluetooth capabilities but my car was too old. I had to install a Motorola T605 bluetooth adapter kit to my car since it doesn’t have bluetooth. Now its supports both phone calls and music. The phone calls come through a small but very powerful speaker that came with the bluetooth kit. I used industrial strength Velcro for the touchstone install. There is a small Motorola control unit installed under the radio that controls all the bluetooth functions like accepting phone calls and playing music or switching songs.

My factory stereo does not have aux input but it does have a dvd player on the roof that has aux input so i just ran wires from there through the roof down the wall of the car to the bluetooth adapter. The kit also includes a really nice microphone that i installed near the dome lights.

The Motorola T605 kit only cost 49$ and came with everything necessary to make a sweet bluetooth stereo unit. It can be purchased below. I used it a lot now and absolutely love it. The bluetooth is easy and seamless. Now I love my pre even more. I should have a quick video completed shortly but if you would like to see a few pictures click here.

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