Intel XBX2 “Bad Axe 2″ with e6600, 4GB GSkill, Hyper 212 Cooler, and North Bridge Cooler for Sale!


If you read my last post then you know that I am selling my leftover components after building a new rig to get ready for BF3. What we have here is my most favorite motherboard of all times the Intel XBX2 commonly known as the “Bad Axe 2″. This motherboard has been the most rock solid mobo I ever owned.

Within the motherboard you will find the intel e6600 core 2 duo which at stock runs 2.4Ghz. This rig has been running at 3.6Ghz since I first built it with a slight bump in voltages. The cpu is cooled by cooler master’s hyper 212 with an extra 120mm thermaltake fan attached.

There is also a sweet north bridge heatsink with active cooling. The memory is brand new 4GB worth of GSkill ddr2.

The pictures should clear up your question. Upon purchase of these items I promise to dust off the heatsinks.

Same drill as on the last sale, if interested email me at and I will email you a paypal invoice with the extra standard ups shipping included. I am asking $150 for this bundle (plus standard shipping).

To buy:

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