Quick Jobs – A Java Go Paperless Scanning Utility Program

After my two tier filing cabinet filled up I had two choices, buy a new filing cabinet or go paperless. I had previously heard a bunch of people talking about going paperless but I still wasn’t sure how to do it. After googling for a day or two, I realized what needed to be done. Step 1) buy a quality duplex scanner (Xerox Documate 3125 or Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500). Step 2) create a workflow that gets your scans from your scanner to the appropriate digital filing cabinet folder quickly.

Step one was easy…thanks amazon (see links to each scanner below).

Step two was more challenging. The actual workflow (process of scanning the file being renamed/moved to correct folder) needs to be about the same time it takes you to open file cabinet….find appropriate folder…then stuff into filing cabinet or you will find yourself frustrated with your go paperless effort. It is almost unanimously supported on the web that you should setup your scanner by default to scan 200-300dpi (black white) as a “searchable” pdf, sometimes abbreviated sPDF, and automatically send to one folder called “scans in waiting” or something similar. After that, the web differs wildly. Some people simply rename and move the “scans in waiting” pdfs manually then manually drag/drop then to the appropriate folder (time consuming). Others download mini programs that look for files in the “scans in waiting” folder then based off their name automatically moves them to the correct folder. Others buy software that creates keyboard shourtcuts like alt-d-d adds a date stamp while typing to make renaming easier. I struggled to find anything that would make the entire workflow super fast. Therefore, I wrote some software myself to get the job done. Enter Quick Jobs.

Quick Jobs is a dead simple yet very powerful Java based go paperless scanning utility program that automatically renames, date/time stamps, and moves files to your appropriate virtual filing cabinet folders. The program allows you to creas “job” which basically tells the program what you want the default name for the job to be as well as the source location of the pdfs (scans in waiting folder) and destination location (virtual filing cabinet). The program also gives you the ability to create custom names for a given job if you decide you want to call that particular scan a specific name. Once you have created a “job” for each of your virtual filing cabinet folders, the workflow of scanning and getting files to the right place should be as fast or faster than manually filing your papers in a real filing cabinet.

Below you will see an example of how this works. The main page has the list of jobs. To file waiting scans you would simply select the appropriate job the hit execute. The program goes to the scans in waiting folder and grabs each pdf renaming and moving it properly. Below is an example of the Custom Execute option which allows you to apply a custom name for the file renaming process. Use this if you want to make a special receipt easier to find. In the example I want to call a specific scanned receipt macbook. You can see the original scan waiting in my scans in waiting folder.

Once the initial Custom Execution is finished you can see what the file has become and where it is located (in the receipts folder):

Lastly here is an image of the edit/add jobs page where you manage your jobs. You can see how easy it is to supply the source and destination location as well as filing name.It is important that when you supply your locations to close it with a “\” or “/” depending on your operating system (mac vs windows). Also I noticed mac’s do not use drive numbers, so if you are using a NAS for your virtual filing cabinet your folder would be mounted under the volumes folder like this /Volumes/Shares/FilingCabinet/.

Here is a quick video showing how fast and slick the whole process can be once you get everything setup properly. I now go through bills faster than I did with a physical filing cabinet.

Download Here!
This is free software so if you found it helpful please consider making a donation or simply buy your scanner at amazon through he links above. For what it’s worth I bought the Xerox Documate 3125 through amazon prime and love it. Thanks.

L337Tech Preconfigured NAS System Price Reduced!!!

We have decided to reduce the price of our L337Tech Preconfigured NAS System from $499 to $399, shipping not included. This price reduction was initiated by the increased competition in the NAS market. There are a lot of great NAS systems out there but we want ours to have the best price/performance.

For $399 + shipping you are getting a great deal! here is a summary of the features:
1. Windows file sharing
2. OS X file sharing
3. Linux file sharing
4. PS3 file sharing
5. Time Machine backups
6. 1TB of storage space
7. 50MB/s+ transfer speeds
8. Desktop computer running Ubuntu 8.10


L337Tech Preconfigured NAS – Windows and OS X Leopard Compatible

L337Tech is finally unveiling its first product. The L337Tech MSI Nettop 100 NAS is a high performance NAS system that easily beats more expensive NAS systems in transfer speeds. See our review of the MSI Nettop 100 by clicking here. Our NAS is also fully compatible with Windows and OS X Leopard so you can have centralized share folders where your household can keep video, pictures, and that can be played back on any computer in the house. The NAS can also be configured to work well with OS X Leopard’s Time Machine. Our NAS is incredibly power friendly. It idles at 28watts and full load is about 33watts, thanks to the Intel Atom 330 procesor and Western Digital Green series hard drive. The L337TECH MSI Nettop 100 NAS is made to be left on 24/7 with no impact to you electricity bill. In fact, with this NAS our motto is set it and forget it. The NAS also comes with simple video tutorials so you can unlock tons of features the system can provide you.

But wait, this NAS can also work as a spare computer. It comes with the latest version of Ubuntu, which is the world’s most popular distribution of Linux. Ubuntu is an easy, kid friendly operating system that anyone can use. It also comes with hundreds of programs that can be installed with the click of a button.

Our tests showed transfer speeds up to 55MB/s thanks to the power of L337Tech MSI Nettop 100’s dual core Atom processor. SmallnetBuilders.com shows that their version of the MSI Nettop 100, otherwise called the MSI Wind PC, is in the top five NAS systems they have ever tested. NAS systems in this performance level cost a minimum of $600 plus the price of hard drives, but most of those systems are closer to $1,000. Our system comes equip with a 1TB hard drive and a DVD burner for just $399, shipping not included. And unlike the other NAS systems in the chart, ours can be configured to work well with OS X Leopard’s Time Machine feature. This makes backups a breeze since you never have to connect usb cords and you don’t even realize your computer is being backed up.

The L337Tech MSI Nettop 100 NAS system is also future proof. If you run out of space you can simply add another hard drive. If you need help increasing your disk space or installing a new drive, get L337Tech to take care of it for you for a small fee. Just send us your NAS in the box it came with and we will send it back fully upgraded and ready to go with no changes to files or software configurations. Having a dual hard drive configuration does require removing the DVD Burner. However upgrading your single drive from 1TB to 2TB does not. Just use an external optical drive if you need two hard drives installed and still want to use an optical drive.

We provide 33 days of software and hardware support from the day of shipment. After that, please refer to the manufacturers website for the hardware, and Ubuntu’s website for the operating system. L337Tech will only provide support through our forums in the “Product Support” section. We will include the original invoice for the parts so that they can be honored by the original manufacturer’s warranty. We ship UPS ground so shipments typically take 3 days and your S&H fee will be the price for this type of shipping. Due to our limited staff, it usually takes 9-12 days for you to receive your new NAS, from the moment we revive your paypal payment. If our parts provider does not deliver the parts in a timely manner for some unforeseen reason then there is a possibility that you may receive your order later than 12 days.

Special notes:
If used as a PC it is important to know that there are only four screen resolutions available to be displayed on your monitor. 1280X1024, 1024X768, 800X600, 640X480. Other resolutions may become available in a upgrade patch to Ubuntu but there are no guarantees. We even tried the beta release of a version that has not come out yet and still had no luck with other resolutions. This is due to the lack of video driver support for this build. To see transfer speeds of 50-55MB/s, all your hardware connected to the machine will need to support gigabit ethernet connections. If your router or switch does not support gigabit ethernet connections then you will be connected at ethernet 100 speeds which limits you to 12.5MB/s. If you are connected to the machine wirelessly then make sure you are using 802.11-N to see speeds up to 37.5MB/s. Other wise you will be connected with 802.11-G or super G which has maximum speeds of 6.75MB/s and 13.5MB/s respectively. We tested the Time Machine feature with my MacbookPro and a wireless N configuration. During the tests we received errors on the MacbookPro saying that the connection had been interrupted, but the backup picked up where it left off once the connection was established automatically. This is probably due to the distance between the MacbookPro and my wireless router. The 125GB backup was performed overnight and worked fine. We tested the “Go Back in Time Feature” over the same wireless configuration and it worked fine. The lack of video driver also makes fullscreen DVD playback very choppy, however native DVD resolutions play fine (640X480).

Please click on the link below to place an order. We accept PayPal only.

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