Super PreKernel

for the moment see this apps thread on for details:

This is a free app that I developed along with Caj2008 and Unixpsycho from The purpose of this app is to make installing kernels and luna patches easier. People found installing script files a little too cumbersome and installing kernels in ipk’s was not working consistently. That is how Super PreKernel came to be!

This app will determine what kernel or luna patches you currently have. If you dont have any, great, then you can select from the options available within the app. You can install these kernels/luna patches:

—800mhz kernel
—720mhz kernel
—600mhz luna patch
—550mhz luna patch

This app is meant to compliment the CPUScaler apps. Once you use this app to install a kernel or luna patch, use the CPUScaler apps to choose your frequency or scaling scheme. CPUScalerUltimate will tell you your current frequency so you can know if your kernel installed properly.

To install this app you can use WOSQI or preware. If you are using WOSQI make sure to install each package individually. Here is the link for the download page and the preware feed:

make sure to install both the super prekernel application and the superkernelinstaller service.

If you appreciated any of my help, enjoy any of my apps that I give away for free, or want to see more development from me, think about making a donation. Thanks!

Hope you enjoy your pre now that you converted it into a Super Pre!