New iPhone (3rd Generation) with iPhone OS 3.0 Available in June!

From all the different quality sources I have gathered intel from it is almost certain there will be a new iPhone that will come with a new iPhone operating system called iPhone OS 3.0 in June. The new iPhone is reported to have a faster processor boasting speeds of ~600Mhz. This is a good ~200Mhz faster than the latest iteration of the iPhone. The new iphone + iphone OS 3.0 is said to perform background tasks and have up to three applications running at once. Also, there are many who think the new Apple+Adobe version of flash will debut in June on this system. Expect double the ram (256MB) and for the top end model double the storage (32GB). People do not think that “copy and paste” will be included but are optimistic about landscape keyboard. They are previewing the new iPhone OS 3.0 on March 17th.

We here at L337Tech have iPhones and appreciate having a small computer in our pockets. However, we do have to jailbreak our phones to be able to data tether (connect to internet through phone) and record video. So when i caught wind of the new phone + OS i was happy/unhappy. Happy because we finally get multitasking and faster opening closing and running of programs. Unhappy because i know i will have to buy this thing for uber amounts of money and then wait for the jailbreak so i can get back my beloved Cydia programs.

Either way its nice to see continued competition for the Smart Phone market. It will only makes things better in the long run. A war between the Pre, iPhone, G1 and others will lead to lower prices and better hardware. But in all honesty i am really just waiting on all the new android phones coming out mid this year (Android Cupcake available April).

UPDATE: The new iPhone (3rd Generation) will be announced at Apple’s WWDC which takes place June 8-12th. The actual phone will go on sale June 17th. I hate how they always show you their new products then make you wait a month before you can buy it. I guess its never too early to setup a tent in front of your local AT&T store. Also its worth mentioning that iPhone OS 3.0 will be formally introduced at the WWDC and will most likely not be available for download till June 17th.


source for iPhone OS 3.0 preview date = Engadget

19 Responses to “New iPhone (3rd Generation) with iPhone OS 3.0 Available in June!”

  1. Ken Allen Says:

    Dude, Apple already said 3.0 would come with copy & paste. It's already confirmed.

  2. Guy Fawkes Says:

    iPhone OS 3.0 will have tethering and video recording. Both confirmed.
    No need for JB anymore in that regard.

    PS : Fight the evil psych cult called Scientology.

    We are Anonymous
    We are legion
    Expect us!

  3. KC - L337Tech Says:

    I wrote this article on March 12th. Apparently I guessed wrong on one or two things but it creeps me out how correct most of it is. The sources I went to way back have proven to be very accurate.


  4. TsundereWorks Says:

    Aren't the older iPhones also able to multitask? (Check E-Mail while listening to music or a lecture. Same with browsing the net and listening to your library.)

    Unless you mean listening to audio from a 3rd-Party app while doing something else at the same time.

  5. KC - L337Tech Says:

    Yeah I was talking about multitasking with third party apps (or combination of third party and proprietary apps). Apple does not allow third party apps to run in the background. I was also talking about internet radio because its something a lot of us do on a regular computer (think Pandora) but apple does not have that feature built into the iPod of the iPhone so you have to use third party apps. So if you want to check your email while rocking out then you will have to wait for iPhone OS 3.0.


  6. sardito Says:

    blackberry has blackberry messenger which is active 24/7. what will the new iphone have?

  7. KC - L337Tech Says:

    That will be very similar to the new SMS and MMS features of iPhone OS 3.0 which does run 24/7. I think the more interesting thing is that you can have a third party app like AIM or possibly some kind of port of pidgin or trillian that can run 24/7 giving you instant notifications for any account whether its AIM, Gchat, or yahoo messanger.


  8. herbamart Says:

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  9. Nick Says:

    I'm running 3.0 already, and I can confirm mms and copy & paste works nicely. Tethering is, well, odd to get working. Oh, and landscape sms is also present in the update.

  10. michael Says:


  11. KC - L337Tech Says:

    Thats good to hear that you got iphone OS 3.0 up and running on your phone. I too am an iphone developer but have been too lazy to install the new OS. I'm glad those features work well.

    Michael brings up a good point. Where can we buy the new iphone? It will be announced today but your guess is as good as mine. Obviously you will be able to buy them at AT&T. Now where else is anybody's guess. Here is my guess:

    Apple Stores
    Apples Website


  12. frank furter Says:

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  18. Mia Says:

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