Texas Production Query Tool – A Program for Royalty Owners, Petroleum Engineers, and Mineral Investigators

The RRC has posted that they are shutting down certain parts of their website to the public from 8-11am on weekdays. This affects L337Tech’s Texas Production Query. If you have a RRC login then you can simply log on (using internet explorer) and the tool will function normally. Currently I have not felt the effects of this shut down but I am sure implementation is eminent. The tool should function normally outside of the shut down window.

Texas Production Query Tool is a tool designed for royalty owners, petroleum engineers, and anyone else attempting to investigate wells in Texas. This tool allows you to enter an api number or double click a well from the entire Texas active well index to pull up the production data and basic information about the well. The tool also provides direct links to well logs, completion information, arcgis map location, and well file documents. The tool can also pull pre-release production data for wells that are so new they have no lease number. The program figures out if this is the case and looks for the data in the appropriate place seamlessly. This tool is your one stop shop to find out everything about a well in Texas. Since the tool uses Excel as a front end, you can copy down all the api numbers of the wells on your farm or the wells in your investigation into an adjacent column to quickly have access to them again.

This tool was built and design by Senior Reservoir Engineer with many years in the business (me). This tool was originally built out of necessity to help me investigate certain wells that were very early in their life where data is hard to come by. No one gets data earlier than the state, which makes this tool so powerful since it taps into the data provided by the Texas RRC (rail road commission) web site.

The Texas active well index provided with this tool has all of the active wells in Texas provided in a sortable list. If you know your land is operated by “Chevron” and the county is “Panola” and the lease name starts with “Adams” then simply sort the list like that to find all the wells on your land. The Texas active well list will be updated once a month. Your purchase only guarantees you the list of the month you purchased, but you will be allowed 10 downloads so it is possible to re-download the application in a new month with an updated list. Once you run out of downloads you will need to re-purchase the application.

This program can also be used with tools like my Quick Decline program to estimate ultimate recoveries from wells and generate detailed economics with any interval cashflow and other economic output. Quick Decline is currently unavailable for purchase, but see the example in the demonstration video. Using Texas Production Query Tool and Quick Decline together can help land owners predict royalty payments and Petroleum Engineers predict economics on new projects.

A couple of quick notes about the available Texas well data. Production before 1993 is unavailable. Not all wells have well logs. Only wells completed after 2009 have detailed completion reports available by clicking the completion hyperlink within the program. For these wells you will need to look into the well files. Not all wells have well files (like recently completed well). For these wells use the well completion hyperlink. You maybe prompted about an error being produced for a specific well. This is likely due to production ending before 1993 or the well is too new and has no data. If this occurs the hyperlinks should be your best source of information. Typically production data trails the current date by two or three months depending on the well’s operator. This program does not allocate production back to the well level for lease id’s that have multiple wells. This program requires Office 2007 later (specifically Excel and Access) to be installed on the computer expected to run this application. The computer should also have around 2GB of RAM installed. You must also have an active connection to the internet.

By clicking the purchase button you understand the data limitations mentioned and program requirements above and are agreeing to these Term Of Service.

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Well Index Last Updated 10/11/2012

Intel XBX2 “Bad Axe 2” with e6600, 4GB GSkill, Hyper 212 Cooler, and North Bridge Cooler for Sale!


If you read my last post then you know that I am selling my leftover components after building a new rig to get ready for BF3. What we have here is my most favorite motherboard of all times the Intel XBX2 commonly known as the “Bad Axe 2”. This motherboard has been the most rock solid mobo I ever owned.

Within the motherboard you will find the intel e6600 core 2 duo which at stock runs 2.4Ghz. This rig has been running at 3.6Ghz since I first built it with a slight bump in voltages. The cpu is cooled by cooler master’s hyper 212 with an extra 120mm thermaltake fan attached.

There is also a sweet north bridge heatsink with active cooling. The memory is brand new 4GB worth of GSkill ddr2.

The pictures should clear up your question. Upon purchase of these items I promise to dust off the heatsinks.

Same drill as on the last sale, if interested email me at comments@l337tech.com and I will email you a paypal invoice with the extra standard ups shipping included. I am asking $150 for this bundle (plus standard shipping).

To buy:
email comments@l337tech.com

Two Used HD4870 512MB Crossfire Ready Graphics Cards For Sale!

Still Available

I built a new rig to ready myself for Battlefield 3 on October 25th. I am selling off my parts that made up my old rig. Here you have two HD4870 512MB version video cards that I was using in crossfire. The two crossfire cables will come with the purchase of these cards as seen in the photos. One of the cards is made by ATI and the other by Saphire. They run great and never game me problems. I was running them stock (no overclock). I have had them in my rig since last Christmas. I am asking $160 for the packaged deal (Two HD4870 512MB GPUs, and two crossfire cables….as seen in the pictures).

If you want to purchase them simply email me at comments&#64l337tech&#46com and I will send you a paypal invoice. Shipping will be calculated based on where you live using standard ups ground rates from ups’s website.

To buy:
email comments&#64l337tech&#46com

EZ Paypal IPN Tool – a Java Desktop App

EZ Paypal IPN Tool is a robust Paypal product management system. This tool helps add products to your site as well as manage existing products (or deleting old products). The tool helps simplify an otherwise difficult process of adding ipn listeners and managers to monitor the purchasing and downloading of digital products on your site. This software can also help your site manage physical products as well.

The tool also takes care of the digital product downloading process. It handles users and passwords with modern encryption. The custom scripts provided takes care of everything. They listen for product purchases. Send email to buyer with username and password for download. Verify the user has purchased the product and allows them to download product. All of the scripts work behind the scenes. You will only be using the EZ Paypal IPN Tool to handle adding and managing the products. It is very EASY!.

EZ Paypal IPN Tool also integrates a robust debugging mechanism. The tool sends emails to you with fine details for every IPN transaction or attempt.

This program was created out of necessity to handle all of the purchasing and downloading of digital products and purchasing of physical products on L337Tech.com. This site uses the EZ Paypal IPN Tool exclusively for its product management system. When you buy this product, you will be using the EZ Paypal IPN Tool system including the email notification and the downloading of the product.

Instruction Manual

Detailed instructional video coming soon…

-Java 1.6 or higher
-PHP on your website’s server
-ability to ftp to your website’s folder system
-a free account with reCAPTCHA
-an internet connection

Currently this software does not support multiple item purchases or cart purchases. This software is for use with single product purchases.

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I, Casey Broome, or L337tech.com are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your computer or server or anything else it affects. We are not responsible for any loss or gain of revenue that may occur from using this app. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk. The purchase of this app is a one time purchase, and you are purchasing the current version of the app only. The purchase does not include any future updates or newer versions of the app or scripts. You are buying this app as is. This product and website is not affiliated with PayPal.com.

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