App Trigger

App Trigger is a dead simple app inspired by Mode Switcher. App Trigger was made for one reason, to automatically launch your music app when you plug in headphones or connect with a bluetooth audio device.

There is not difficult setup. Simply choose the music app that you want to be triggered and let the app do the rest.

This app was created because Mode Switcher quit working with my bluetooth device. Mode Switcher also was changing my profile and things when all I wanted it to do was launch a single app. App Trigger makes a nice alternative for the simple user out there.

This app is mainly used to launch “Internet Radio” or “Pandora” both found in the product catalog, becuase these apps begin playing your last song on open. Therefore, you can start your car up and music will automatically begin playng without you taking your phone out of your pocket.

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Casey Broome

Internet Radio

Internet Radio is a robust music application used to tap into thousands of online radio stations. Search and listen to thousands of online radio stations easily. Stream internet radio over 2G, 3G, or even Wifi. Internet Radio utilizes both SHOUTcast™ and services. Internet Radio also accepts custom input internet radio stations. See below for a list of features or watch the youtube video explaining each feature in detail:

and powered by


  • Search stations
  • Search SHOUTcast™ stations
  • Displays the current top SHOUTcast™ stations
  • Input custom internet radio stations
  • Stores recently played stations
  • Stores your ‘Favorite’ stations
  • Displays current song when available
  • Displays the station’s bitrate when available
  • Displays the station’s current listener count when available
  • Dashboard scene displays current song and allows easy access to Internet Radio when working in other apps
  • Allows you to push the station to Palm’s native internet streaming app for enhanced quality and buffering abilities
  • Set your default player as ‘Custom In App’ or the ‘Palm Player’
  • Set the app to play the last station listened to on start up
  • Filter search results on bitrate
  • Reorder ‘Favorites’ list
  • Choose the number of search results and recently played stations to display
  • Bluetooth audio capability
  • m3u and pls support
  • Download Internet Radio

    Download Internet Radio Pro

    The main purpose of this app is to allow users the ability to quickly find a suitable internet radio station for their enjoyment. The internet is constantly being filled with hundreds of new stations all the time so finding something decent to listen to can be a challenge. Internet radio uses and SHOUTcast™ services to quickly search and filter through the thousands of stations on the web. Internet Radio also uses some neat custom preferences that allow the user to tailor their search to their needs.

    The user can search on an artists name, album, song, genre, or just about anything to help find what they need. The search looks through currently playing as well as station names and tags. This should allow you to narrow in on exactly what you are looking for. And if you just cant decide what you want, hit the SHOUTcast™ top stations button to see what other people enjoy the most.

    This app includes a custom player that displays station name, song name, and bitrate and current listener count. This player also includes a dashboard to keep you up to date on currently playing song name when you navigate over to another app. If you need a little extra quality and buffering ability then you can push the station to the native Palm streaming app with click of a button. Once you have determined which player you like, feel free to set that as your default in the preferences.

    By now you should have found a great station to listen to. If so add it to your ‘Favorites’ list. if you forget to, don’t worry, it should show up in your recently played list. If you found that one and only amazing station, go ahead and turn on the ‘Play last song on start up’ feature found in the preferences.

    Lets say you are somewhere out and about that has terrible cellphone reception. That is okay, just turn on the 2G filter in the preferences menu to help you find a lower quality station to play.

    If you have any issues such as problems or if you have any requests, please post them here in the forums or as a comment below. Please don’t post your issues in the app review. Most problems can easily be fixed once we have identified them. See below for a list of Q/A.

    Thank you for your interest in Internet Radio. If you liked this app, think about making a donation to help encourage future development.

    Terms of Service and Disclaimers:
    SHOUTcast™ Terms of Service
    I, Casey Broome, or are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your phone or anything your phone is or may effect. This app should never be used in areas of government that have rules or laws against the use of internet radio including SHOUTcast™ and services. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk.

    What is SHOUTcastâ„¢ Radio?
    The SHOUTcastâ„¢ Radio Directory is one of the largest directories of professionally and community programmed online radio stations in the world. Today SHOUTcastâ„¢ Radio features over 35,000 music, sports, talk and community programmed stations from around the globe. You’re sure to find something you like on SHOUTcastâ„¢ Radio.
    SHOUTcast™ Radio also provides audio broadcasting software tools for those who want to create a radio station. It permits anyone on the internet to broadcast audio from their computer to listeners across the Internet or any other IP-based network (Office LANs, college campuses, etc…).

    What is Icecast?
    Icecast, the project, is a collection of programs and libraries for streaming audio over the Internet. This includes:

  • icecast, a program that streams audio data to listeners
  • libshout, a library for communicating with Icecast servers
  • IceS, a program that sends audio data to Icecast servers
  • internetradio_2010-10-09_main internetradio_2010-10-09_shout_play internetradio_2010-10-09_shout_search internetradio_2010-10-09_icecast_playing internetradio_2010-10-09_071858 internetradio_2010-10-09_custom internetradio_2010-10-09_dashboard internetradio_2010-10-09_preferences

    ####### Help Section and FAQs #############

    Q) I can’t seem to get past the “Buffering” message. What can I do?

    A) There are a few things you can try so I will list them below:

  • Make sure you have a reliable data connection whether its 2G, 4G, or wifi.
  • Make sure the streams bitrate is lower than your data connections maximum download speed.
  • Double check that it is a working station by attempting to play it on your computer
  • Push it to Palm’s streaming player to see if it can handle the stream
  • Q) My search results are coming up empty while searching for icecast stations?

    A) icecast currently has much fewer stations than SHOUTcastâ„¢. Try being more general with your search. If all else fails type in a genre that you are interested in like “Top40” or “80s”.

    Q) Sometimes when I push the “Push to Palm Player” button the Palm Player says there was an error playing back the file. What can I do?

    A) This is a very interesting error and it seems to happen when you try and switch screens to fast. I have programed a slight delay that seems to work 99% of the time but I have found that if it is not working simply wait a brief moment and then press the “Push to Palm Player” button. Also some stations are on overloaded or slow servers so getting the stream from them can take longer than the typical station. It is important to note that if you switch your default player to the Palm Player then this is not an issue anymore.

    Q) Some streams do not display the current song or bitrate. What can I do?

    A) Some steams literally do not offer up their current song and bitrate so I cannot display it to you. Other times (escpecially with icecast streams) the stream does not meet certain standards so the information cannot be pulled out in the standard way. Please use the forums to note stations that have problems. Sometimes a workaround can be developed and other times they can’t.

    Q) Occasionally when I perform an icecast search I get back a bunch of crazy code, what happened?

    A) Some stations that use icecast are highly standardized. When my standard filtering alogorithm is performed on nonstandard stations it can return crazy results. Please use the forums to note stations that have problems. Sometimes a workaround can be developed and other times they can’t.

    Q) There are some features that I would like to see in the app. What is the best way to relay these to you?

    A) Using the forums on this site is the best way. You can leave a comment on this page but they can be easily overlooked.

    Stay Lit Flashlight

    Unlike other flashlight apps in the product catalog, Stay Lit Flashlight will always stay lit! You no longer need to worry about your phone dimming then going to sleep. See below for a list of features:


  • Keeps the flashlight lit for as long as you need it (no more screen dimming or phone sleeping)
  • Quick access to brightness adjustments
  • Option to change color on screen tap
  • Change the default color of the flashlight
  • Option to turn on the strobe light
  • Adjust the strobe light interval for faster or slower flickers
  • Option to turn on an SOS distress signal (flashes SOS)
  • The main purpose of this app is to give the user light when he needs it for as long as he needs it. Other flashlight apps in the product catalog will dim then turn off if you dont constanly keep touching your screen to keep it awake. Stay Lit Flashlight always stays lit!

    Stay Lit Flashlight also offers a quick and easy way to adjust the brightness of the flashlight. Some nights are pitch black and your need extra brightness. Other nights you may be running a stealth mission so you might want to use less brightness.

    This app gives you the ability to choose the color of your flashlight from a list of colors. Red light would be great for the covert mission mentioned above. You can also enable an option to change the color of the light when you touch the screen to entertain your kids.

    If you want to have some fun, crank the brightness up and turn on the strobe light. In a fog filled you with a fast flickering strobe you can have all kinds of fun. Adjust the flicker of the strobe in the preferences page for the perfect flicker.

    If you find yourself stranded somewhere with no cellphone coverage, use the SOS distress signal. This mode flashes light in the propper pattern that denotes SOS or Help.

    Thank you for your interest in Stay Lit Flashlight. If you liked this app, think about making a donation to help encourage future development.

    I, Casey Broome, or are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your phone or anything your phone is or may effect. Do not use this app if you have any medical conditions that are affected by light, especially flashing light. Do not use the SOS signal when you are not in danger, especially offshore where people routinely look for such signals. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk.


    ####### Help Section #############

    Q) I turned on the strobe effect and now i can’t turn on the SOS effect. What should I do?

    A) You can only use one effect at a time. Simply turn off the strobe effect then turn on the SOS effect. The same goes for the tap to change color effect.

    GPS Trip Panel

    GPS Trip Panel is a robust GPS application used to keep the user informed of important trip data. This app is especially useful for road travel. This app utilizes your phones GPS and Google Services. See below for a list of features or watch the youtube video explaining each feature in detail:


  • GPS update interval adjustments to smooth out GPS data
  • Display speed in large font
  • Displays heading
  • Displays altitude
  • Trip scene to record important trip informations
  • Tracks overall, average, and moving trip time
  • Tracks overall, average, and moving trip speed
  • Keeps track of the maximum speed acheived
  • Enable a permanent popup so you can manipulate maps while still receiving speed and heading information
  • Trip scene displays time and date
  • GPS speed cutoff to eliminate erroneous low speeds caused by low satellite reception
  • displays your coordinates
  • tap coordinates to have them mapped on Google Maps, which can convert the coordinates to an adress
  • push button to copy your coordinates to be pasted elsewhere
  • Dashboard popup to keep the user informed of the altitude and accuracy even while in other programs
  • Option to keep turn your phones sleep timer off
  • GPS message center keeps the user notified of the GPS’s status
  • English and metric units available in preferences
  • Built in GPS error handling. Notifies the user of errors
  • Download GPS Trip Panel

    GPS Trip Panel in Palm Hot Apps Contest

    Follow GPS Trip Panel on Facebook

    The main purpose of this app is to keep the user up to date with the latest trip information. Speed, heading, altitude, and various important trip information are made easily visible. Even if you are in another application, GPS Trip Panel will display a dashboard popup notifying the user of the current speed and heading. You can also make this popup “stick” so that you can manipulate maps and still be informed of the speed and heading.

    This app has other neat features aimed at delivering a superior GPS experience compared to the competition. You can adjust the GPS update interval and GPS speed cutoff to help smooth out and deliver more accurate GPS data. With these features you can still expect good GPS data even in low satellite reception areas.

    This app also delivers other great features such as displaying your coordinates. If you don’t think in coordinates, that is fine, simply tap the coordinates to push them to Google Maps. Google Maps loves coordinates and can even translate them into an address. These coordinates can also be copied by clicking the “Copy Coordinates” button. Once copied you can paste them anywhere. Memos is a great place to paste the coordinates for records keeping.

    Another neat utility built into this app is the GPS message center. It uses a few custom algorithms to help keep the user notified of what the GPS is doing and its status. This can be very helpful to the user during times of low sky visibility where the gps might take a while locating or locking onto satellites. If you are using another GPS app that doesn’t keep you informed of your GPS status, simply open up GPS Altitude next to the first app and it will keep you informed.

    The app also comes with a built in error handling feature. If there is a major GPS error you will receive a popup of the error. Typically the user will be able to resolve the error with the information from the popup. If not, see below for a list of Q/A.

    Thank you for your interest in GPS Altitude. If you liked this app, think about making a donation to help encourage future development.

    I, Casey Broome, or are not responsible for any damage this app could or may cause to your phone or anything your phone is or may effect. This app should never be used as a sole navigation tool. This app should never be used as the sole navigation tool for flight, boating, driving, moving by foot, or any other transportation method where exact location is important. Mobile GPS’s can be wildly inaccurate. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use this app properly. Use this app at your own risk.

    gpstrippanel_main_1_0_0  gpstrippanel_trippanel_1_0_0  gpstrippanel_popup_1_0_0  gpstrippanel_prefs_1_0_0  gpstrippanel_dashpoard_1_0_0

    ####### Help Section #############

    Q) I can’t seem to get past the “Searching for Satellites” message. What can I do?

    A) There are a few things you can try so I will list them below:

  • Make sure at least 40% of the sky is directly viewable by the phone. Any obstructions, including a window may interfere.
  • Start up the app when you are not moving. From my testing, the searching for satellites stage typically takes longer if you are moving around a lot.
  • Q) I seem to be stuck at the “starting gps” message. What can I do?

    A) If this is happening to you, your gps has wigged out. Your need to enter/exit airplane mode or perform a hard reboot.

    Q) Sometimes when I open up the trip panel scene the application does’t display any numbers. What is wrong?

    A) This is a known bug cause by switching between the main screen, the preferences screen, and the trip panel real quickly. It doesnt always happen, its very random. This has to do with how WebOS handles opening and closing GPS tracking services. Hopefully future versions of WebOS will fix this issue. The fix is to either switch back and forth between trip panel and the main screen or to minimize the trip panel and open up the GPS dashboard/popup. Then, you will see that your trip panel began populating values again. Another fix is to open and close the app.

    Q) How do i get to the Trip Panel?

    A) Simply click the button with the arrow “<--" on it at the main screen. Alternatively you can select it from the menu in the top left corner of the main screen. Q) How do i exit the Trip Panel? A) The back gesture in the gesture area will take you back to the main screen. Q) Will this app work on the pixie? A) Yes and no. The main screen and preferences page work fine, but only part of the trip panel is visible. You wont be able to see the odometer/max speed/stopped time on the trip panel. Q) Why does the 2 second GPS update interval sometimes fail to work properly? A) This is a weird problem that I have yet to be able to solve. I will continue to work on this and keep the users informed if it gets fixed. One thing you can do that will occasionally fix this problem is press the reset trip button in the trip panel scene. I recommend using the 3 seconds update interval.