Welcome, Click on the Video Below for a Quick Introduction


Now that you have watched our introduction video, you should be familiar with why we started this site and the direction we want to take. So now lets talk about some of the features you will find on this site. Here is a brief list:



  • Tab oriented website. Tabs at the top of the page will get you to where you need to go.
  • In site search function in the top right corner. This searches only our site.
  • Custom Google search below the in site search. This queries only the major hardware review and overclocking websites like Tom’s Hardware, Anandtech, Xtremesystems etc….
  • Videos for Reviews, How TOs, Tweaks, Tips, and Mods. This website is full of videos that are easy to watch and follow along step by step.
  • Forums. Our forums should be the first place you look for advice or if you want to buy or sell something in the classifieds section.
  • Custom L337Tech products for sale. At L337Tech we develop custom hardware so take a look at our Products tab.
  • Custom Flash Games. One of our partners, Raygun Gothic, develops flash games. Visit their site if you have an idea for a game you would like to see  built.

    Thanks for stopping by L337Tech and remember to post in the forums, make some comments, or send us emails so we can develop this site together.