How To Build a Computer From Newegg Parts

This is an in depth tutorial on how to build a computer from parts purchased online at large stores similar to NewEgg. This video should get you all the way to the point where you are able to install the operating system without any hardware errors. The computer in this build is actually being used as our in house gamming rig. All of our game reviews are performed on this machine. It is composed of an Intel Core 2 Duo at 3Ghz and an Nvidia 8800GT graphics card.


Intel e4300 Temperature Problems

For all those people who swear their e4300 doesn’t have a temperature problem, but programs like Coretemp and Everest like to tell you otherwise, here is a short clip proving software measurements are not always correct on certain Core 2 Duo’s. We attached a thermal probe to the cpu’s die and measured temperature accurate to 0.1 degree. The motherboard and therefore software was reading temperatures that were way too high. We recommend physically measuring your Core 2 Duo’s temperature manually before buying any expensive cooling equipment. This video was shot with a crappy point and shoot camera so pardon the quality.


How To Build Nettop 100 – MSI Wind PC (an Intel Atom Barebone Build)

This is an in depth tutorial on how to build a MSI Nettop 100 otherwise known as the Wind PC. This is a dual core Intel Atom 330 barbone that is extremely sleek and uses very little power. We measured 33 watts full load. This tutorial should get you to the point of being able to successfully install Windows XP. Some of you may be wondering why waste time building such a relatively low powered computer. Well this Atom based pc has plenty of applications. The first and foremost is a file server. Once completely setup, we were able to reach read speed of 65MB/s over a gigabit ethernet connection. At those speeds this computer would make a tremendous NAS system. Similar speeds are only achieved by setups that cost a minimum of $600. Other uses include a Leopard Time Machine client. We were able to use the computer to backup my Leopard based MacBookPro. And finally the most obvious use would be a spare PC in the house. This could be a unit setup to run 24/7 since you will spend less than $2-$3 a month extra on the power bill. It could be the “Kids” PC or you could set it up in the living room for yourself or guests when they visit you. The MSI Nettop 100 – Wind PC definitely gets the L337Tech stamp of approval! Visit our How To page for more How To Videos.