How To Build a Computer From Newegg Parts

This is an in depth tutorial on how to build a computer from parts purchased online at large stores similar to NewEgg. This video should get you all the way to the point where you are able to install the operating system without any hardware errors. The computer in this build is actually being used as our in house gamming rig. All of our game reviews are performed on this machine. It is composed of an Intel Core 2 Duo at 3Ghz and an Nvidia 8800GT graphics card.


  • Matt

    thanks great detailed tutorial.I just ordered my parts from newegg(my first build).I'll just go through this video when I build it so I don't screw up.Anyway nice site,keep it up

  • KC – L337Tech

    That is awesome. Feel free to post comments here or in the forums if you have any questions that come about during your build. I am glad to see you take the dive into your first build. You will not be disappointed. You will save money and your computer will be very upgradable (unlike Dell computers).

    thanks for the support,


  • Craden


  • john191

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  • Kristen

    Thanks! This is my first build as well and have been looking for a tutorial like this for the last few months. Bookmarked your page so when I get my parts, I'll be good to go!

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    I gave up after that. There are plenty of 1 TB external hard drives at this price, and most any of them are better than this. Unless you want a really pretty box to sit on your desk and do nothing.

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